Krisztina Mike photographer

Krisztina is a Hungarian photographer, videographer and video editor with a perpetual curiosity, from Budapest, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She originally studied architecture at the University of Pecs and then she moved forward to study the Master of Arts in Photojournalism at Mid-Sweden University.

Her main interest are in people and in their stories. Also given her background she is very much interested in architectural, social and urban landscape photography where the sociology meets with psychology. Reportage, documentary, contemporary and conceptual photography draws Ms Mike's attention and inspires her in the projects she works.


The usage of light, colours, lines, shapes, forms and the textures are crucial points in her photography. Mike's aim is to capture a picture that conveys a universal message through aesthetic and ethical values.


As a freelance photo- and videographer She has been working in Sweden, England, Hungary, Spain, Norway, Israel and in The Netherlands for shorter and for longer periods, on personal projects or for private customers.

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