Exhibition Opening in Stockholm

Generation Y // #Staying #Leaving #Goingback // Generation Y is a documentary project combining portraiture and urban landscape photography, with a hint of latent sociological layer. The project concentrates on the Hungarian people, who were born between 1982 and 1993, and are currently living in Hungary. The photographer, as part of the economical migrating people, follows up her generation in Budapest and tries to see her hometown from a new perspective.

Generation Y - Exhibition

The shadow of a past era crawls across the surface of the present, creating a dissonant reflection on the wall. The reflection. Almost like broken glass shouting for someone to fix it. A tape here, a tape there, the lines running into each other. Where am I heading? Where will I go? Where is my generation?

Generation Y - Exhibition

“The atmosphere of the city with its beauty and the problems inside of it creates a contrast. It is different to be a Hungarian in Budapest than to be a tourist. It is more difficult to see the beauty and values in Budapest, when in an economical situation like this a lot of people don’t have a job.” (Emese, b. 1982)

Generation Y - Exhibition

“The first words, which pop into my mind on being a European, are colorfulness and tolerance. Which means I respect the culture of other people and I also respect my own as well. Furthermore I think to be a European means to live in agreement together with people from different nations, different cultures and different religions, walking towards one aim. That is one reason why I feel like I am a European, at least more European than the rest of Hungary.” (Melinda, 1985)

Generation Y - Exhibition

“As someone growing up in a smaller city, I have to say - that here, in Budapest - everything is possible. You just have to change the way how you think, your inner world and you have to motivate yourself a bit more, that; yes I want to create my dreams here.” (Irma, b. 1993)

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