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ASFE - Ree in London

September 19, 2018 | Krisztina Mike

"I am not a specialist about this area but I can tell about it, according to the reliable information that I gained from various media. People, who have Asian "fever" are influenced by "distorted media" like Japanese AV, which is created and filmed totally in a male-centric view. In this kind of video - usually - women are expressed as someone with passive characteristics. As a possession, owned by men, who should be conquered and obeyed."

" 'Photographers in Spot' is an interview series, which aims to present and showcase talented photographers and photojournalist from all around the world. The first participant of the series is Oláh Gergely Máté, Hungarian Photographer.


My love towards black and white photography is not only because of the classical photographers. I think with shooting in black and white, you can make an impact on the feel of the space/place and the contrast. It is also easier for the image viewer to connect with and to imagine themselves into a black and white picture. It is rather a mysterious, secretive missing dimension from our world, which we cannot catch with bare hands - and interestingly enough; if the picture is good, the viewer can become the part of it."

May 12, 2017 | Krisztina Mike

Photographers in Spot - OGM


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Lóránd Fényes astrophotographer      And his faith

November 7, 2020 | Krisztina Mike

"Searching, researching and exploring. They are present both in astrophotography and in the God-seeking life. Bot territories have their own uncertainties.


In the summer of 2013, Lóránd travelled to Namibia. He was planning this expedition for a long time. 'In this part of Africa, the sky is stunning. Practically there are no artificial lights, there is no light pollution and the astro climate is perfect.' This photograph about the Milky Way was taken during his expedition there. He stopped the car under the clear sky, took out his camera and shot the picture. His aim was to show how visible the Milky Way with the naked eyes. 'With the technics of the long exposure that is used by astrophotographers shows that the Universe is incredibly colourful. To get the rich colours of a deep sky picture, one would need a transformed, more sensible camera and a lot of time.' "